Alright, this might sound a stupid reason to worry but its stressing me out for no reason. I took EC pills two months back, and well my periods havent been that regular either. After taking EC the last two cycles have been fairly painful, or maybe I was too stressed out that I felt this way. On the 18th of June, I had oral sex with my boyfriend.We were both careful and at no point there was grinding without clothes, or any direct genital contact... (as far as I remember). I was expecting my period on the 3rd of July. Today, its the 7th of July and no sign of period though I am all cramped up and sore...I took an HPT and its negative. But I still feel very stressed out and tired, and worried because of my missing period. Is there any thing to stress over? Does EC cause such problems or is it just me. Are such PMS symptoms usual? Thanks.