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i had unprotected sex with my bf on the 7th day of my period that was 17th dec 2013. we used withdrawal method and also i toll emergency contraceptive few mins after we were done. 5 days later i experienced slight bleeding which lasted for 3 days. i took several home pregnancy tests all of them came out negative. today i am 2 days late for my periods and still the home pregnancy test came out negative. i am worried..! whats going on inside i pregnant or is it an ectopic pregnancy or this is just because of the sifeeffects on emergency contraceptive that my periods are late..? :( 


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I don't think you are pregnant. If you took EC it would have changed your cycle. You were unlikely to get pregnant from sex on the 7th day (probably a non fertile day), but the bleeding on 22nd Dec was effectively your period brought on early by the EC. So I would not expect you to have another period yet. It may come about 19/20 Jan. Expect your future periods to be erratic.

I hope this helps. If you want more help, just ask.