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I have had back problem for a little over a year now, But when i noticed it starting to get worse i went to the hospital they did tests and i came back with a slipped disc and a pinched sciatic nerve, 6 months later i found out i became pregnant so i went back to the hospital to see what medications i could take and what i couldnt well the doctor  said your muscle relaxers, steriods you cannot take throughout your whole pregnancy, your norco right now being 6 weeks along you can take once in awhile at night before bed so you can sleep, she said in your second trimester you can have your norco. So i get a mid wive because the baby doctor im wanting to go through doesnt tke patients until later on i tell them my back issue and that i have documents upon documents on my back for this past week i barely able to walk i cant get no sleep because the pain is terrible i spend my niht crying from the pain i have quite my job because i just cant do it i have a three year old son i have to care for i am a single mother and ythis pain is unbearable i called my mid wive told her and then she says we do not prescribe thoughs during pregnancy, i said well how come my previous doctor said i could have them back in my second trimester?...should i change doctors?..because i know a few people pregnant with my same issue and prescribe norco, i need a job back to provide and care for my son..any suggestions?...she also doewnt want to write me out anything else replacing the norco because i am desperate and told her it can be anything else besides the norco but they just wont do it?...aint i putting alot of stress on the baby being in this much pain 24/7??


ANYBODY???????? any feed back anything??