Hi I am 20 years old and I got on the depo at the age of 15 because of my mom. I did not start having sex until I turned 19 with my boyfriend and I got off the shot in April of 2013 and I got my period in june 24 2013; which was all good, but it ended on the 26th i thought so me and my boyfriend had intercourse on the 27th and not but 2 min later I started bleeding again. I also became lightheaded,weak in my legs,pale as a ghost, and my body lost a little heat and I became cold. I'm not bleeding heavily after just a little. Has this happened to anyone else? Also this is the first time this has occurred after I have gotten on the shot and it has never happened before after me and my bf had intercourse. Also how long do periods usually last and how often do they occur after you get off Depo?