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Ok so I've felt this buzzing in my cervix area for 4 week now everytime after my period or during ovalation. I'd like to know what causes can make the buzzing feel later after 4 weeks like thunder a rumble. Now I also feel things moving off my stomach, like something heavy falling off your stomach. I didn't have sex. I'm sure, but I have every almost everyday after my period a vivid dream. This time I'm sure I showed middle finger to someone. also after my period that was on the 8th of febraury, lasted only 4 days. I also ate chocolate and different other stuff. but they say chocolate can make you have extra bleeding, but it didn't happen to me. I only started feeling ovalation november 2010. Could it be possible, when someone gets their period when their 15 that the ovalation can be late into the adult years, especailly after drinking cyclimin-- which is fertility drugs. I am 21 years old. And virgin. Need some help here. and don't answer: your a virgin your not pregnant. you'd be amazed of how teenagers get pregnant, could be from stupid things aswell. I also have alot of stretch marks around my bellybutton, their appearing  more and more.   


Over three months ago around November, I stopped having sex. But then a few days ago I decided to have sex again for the first time. When he put it in it like hurt a little because of how long it's been. He used a condom. And afterwards the inside of my vagina started to hurt. And it still hurts now, but it's like a faint throbbing. I don't know what's wrong with me. I haven't had sex for a long time. And when I did, I'd use a condom every time. And during the time I wasn't having sex I was cleared for all STD's. Then I have sex this one time & my vagina hurts. Is it because I hadn't done it in so long? Or do I have something (which would make absolutely no sense because we used a condom) :