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Hi, I'm 17 and recently noticed changes in my labia minora. I know a couple years ago my labia minora was extremely pink and pretty small. One side was a little bit longer but was plump. I am currently on my period and while changing I noticed that the side that is a little longer looks slightly stretched out and wrinkly at the end and not as pink and it's freaking me out and it's not as elastic like if I move it it sorta stays where it goes. I have a boyfriend but I've never had sex but oral and I can't help wondering if that caused it to stretch. I am sorry for the excessive information but I'm honestly freaking out and feel disgusting. Is this normal? Should I be scared?


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The oral didn't cause anything but your happiness. You are simply getting older and growing. Nothing to worry about or be scared about. Let your bf have fun with your lips and enjoy it. They will grow into whatever thay are meant to be