Carlisle Crown Court has found guilty three people who had been producing and posting thousands of cannabis-laced chocolate bars to multiple sclerosis sufferers all over the world for pain relief.

The convicted husband and wife Mark and Lezley Gibson of Alston, Cumbria and Marcus Davies, of St Ives, Cambs are charged on two account for making and supplying the chocolates. They are to return to court in January for sentencing.

The Gibson’s admitted making and posting out more than 20,000 Canna-Biz bars containing about 3.5g of the drug to MS sufferers all over the world. They also said they weren’t making any money and that they were running a free service funded by voluntary donations although the police found a £30,000 cash receipt at their place.

The Gibson’s stated it was a donation that was going to be invested in the Canna-Biz operation. They also said that the chocolates were sent only to those people who provided a medical note confirming their condition.

The third convicted, Marcus Davies, admitted to have been only running a website and post office box and had no other involvement in the operation.

After the hearing Lezley Gibson said that she wasn’t satisfied with the way law worked as she was about to get a longer sentence for helping out people in need than a child pervert would for his crime.