My name is Erin and I have been literally going insane over the past couple months! My boyfriend and I began noticing strange symptoms about 3 months ago; stiffness in stomach  (above navel especially but also a bit below), food aversions, this strange discharge EVERY SINGLE DAY (resembles egg whites, stringy, scentless), lower back pain, nipples enlarging, extreme heartburn, etc. I have not had any real "morning sickness" though I have had nausea off and on. We began feeling as though I had to be pregnant. At first, I told him I couldn't be because my doctor who had diagnosed me with PCOS had told me I couldn't get pregnant. However, over time, I began becoming convinced. He and I made an appointment with the same doctor who diagnosed me. However, the entire experience was HORRIBLE. All the tests came back negative and not a single question that we asked was answered. The doctor acted as though he didn't even remember me or know much at all about PCOS (Hadn't gone to him for about 3 1/2 years). He only wanted to preach to us about Jesus, church, and fertility clinics. He stated there was absolutely no infection while he was giving me my examination and the nurse from his office called with the blood results (negative), no infection, etc. Yet later, when we threatened to not pay for the unsatisfactory appointment, his nurse called and stated that all of a sudden, my "results were in" (Funny, a second time?) and I had a venereal infection that was sexually transmitted. I asked her if this would explain my stomach enlargement, my egg-white discharge, my heartburn, etc; to which she nonchalantly replied "mm hmm." I didn't buy it and was exceedingly upset. My boyfriend and I began researching the infection she stated I had and found that absolutely NONE of the symptoms were ANYTHING I had ever experienced such as "Thick, smelly discharge; pain while urinating, itchiness, etc." Furthermore, we found that this condition was so rare that a special blood test has to be ordered by the doctor to check. Long story short, none of it checked out and we were left with over $2000 in medical bills and NO answers. So fast forward to today, we are sitting here wondering what in the heck is going on as my stomach gets larger, my back hurts more, my heartburn gets worse, and I constantly poke my firm stomach hoping that an answer will come. All the at home pregnancy tests come back negative but I have found so much literature stating that women with PCOS often don't  show positive in such tests because their hormones are messed up to begin with. I need some advice! I am terrified that something bad is going on because if I'm not pregnant, something very strange is happening. I had an ultrasound the same day of the appointment (also a horrible experience) and the results when the nurse called were negative (aside from her acting as though I should be surprised to find out I had poly cystic ovaries!). I had to explain that I already was well aware of my condition and that the ultrasound was not supposed to be anything other than to check out whether I was pregnant or not. She seemed confused, didn't explain anything, and hung up without addressing the issue. BIG SURPRISE. I just really would like someone to tell me their opinion, especially if some of you have had similar experiences or have gone through pregnancy with PCOS. I was under the impression I could never have children but I honestly am beginning to wonder and to be truthful, I am beginning to want this "possibility" in my stomach to come to fruition. I want this more than anything and I honestly just need some advice, some answers, and some support. Please let me know any information you can and feel free to ask me anything! Thanks so much!