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All that glitters is not gold! There are certain habits which you rigorously follow thinking they would go a long way in keeping you in good health. But is that really so? Read on to find some “healthy” habits which may actually be more harmful than good.

In your bid to keep healthy, you follow the news on internet keenly and try to follow the latest health fads. But many a times this information is not very reliable. It is better to exercise some caution while following these health fads or you may end up doing more harm than good to your health.

Here is a list of some of the so called “healthy” habits which may prove to be detrimental to your health in the long run. You are better off without them.

1. Relying completely on artificial sweeteners

So you too have been impressed by the claims that these artificial sweeteners make of making you wafer thin in no time. You have a sweet tooth and just can’t pass up the opportunity of eating something sweet. And the manufacturers of artificial sweeteners claim that their products will take care of all your weight worries. Deceived?  You are not the only one!!

So many people switch to artificial sweeteners big time, naïve enough to believe these false claims. Whenever we consume sugar, our brain expects to get an energy boost. Once it gets the requisite energy, it signals the sensations of satiety. But with artificial sweeteners, this energy surge never happens. Therefore there is no signal from the brain of getting satiated. The result is that you end up eating far more than you would have otherwise.

Moreover, as you do not get enough energy after taking foods that are artificially sweetened, you tend to feel lethargic. This reduces your normal metabolic rate resulting in less number of calories burnt. So, we see that in the long end, replacing the normal sugar completely with the artificial sweeteners, defeats its very purpose.

2. Consuming a fat free diet

There are innumerable studies citing the ill effects of fat deposition in our body. Wherever you go, everybody is talking about the importance of losing fat. No wonder, you have also been impressed by these conversations and the studies and have been going to the limit in your bid to banish fat from your diet. But hold on! As excess of anything is bad for your body, similarly depriving it of something is also equally bad.

Do you remember your early science lessons?  In the list of vital nutrients for our body, fat was also present. There are so many vital processes in our body which require fat as a medium. There are fat soluble vitamins which get absorbed only in the presence of fat. Even when we study about the cardiovascular system, we come across two categories of fat- the good fat which has cardio-protective function, and the bad fat which leads to deposition f cholesterol in the vessels leading to atherosclerosis.

When we get finicky about excluding all sources of fat from our diet, we are depriving our body of the good fat as well. Fat is essential for a taut skin and strong lustrous hair. Fat deficiency can lead to slowing of reflexes and even depression. Moreover, fat acts as a storehouse of energy and helps us get through difficult times.

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