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my wife has recently had to have a blood transfusion because of low blood count and feeling unwell (i think the low count is because of menopause)i have since noticed that she has one pupil larger than other is this something she should see her doctor about


My mom suffers from migraines and there was a time when she had dilated pupils. I read about the pupils then and learned that there are so many conditions that can cause that one pupil gets larger. There is even a condition called Anisocoria that means unequal size of the pupils.

It could be due to some medications but it could be a symptom of more serious conditions. I do recall reading that one should consult a doctor over the matter. If there are no other symptoms then it could be nothing but to your question if you should see a doctor, I would say yes-to make sure and be on the safe side. How long has she been having this dilated pupil?