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My pupils (both left and right) always seem to pulse (get larger then smaller) I also suffer from horrible migraines and one pupil is larger than the other. I have had a few... accidents :$ I have hit my head many times before :-P and I have been to the hospital at least once a year since I was 6. (at LEAST) I am 15 years old.. but does this sound like something I should be worried about?


Hello there


Since you have had all these accidents than for sure your parents have asked your doctors all the necessary questions and what should they do in case some problems occurred. So maybe you should stop worrying some much.

Different size of your pupils sometimes can be a consequence of ray of light. In some angle one pupil can appear larger than the other and this is probably the case.

If you experience some other symptoms as well than you should talk to your parents and let them know about your concerns.  

Consulting with your doctor is wise if nothing else just to check your condition after so many traumas. Keep us posted about any changes. Good luck.