Hi, im 18 years old and have a question im hoping someone can help me with. About a month and a half ago i went to the emergency room with pains which i thought was my appendix. But after tests and xrays it ended up being cists on my ovaries. They gave me pain medication and sent me on my way. After a month i still have pain and it wasnt getting any better so i went to a gyn. They did an ultrasound and said the cists were still there and then put me on the birth control shot, and said they should go away. Well its been about 2 weeks since i have been on the shot and i am having the pain more frequently than i have in the past. Now what i dont understand is, obviously since the doctors are not concerned and feel as though they should not do anything...should i not worry about it and just wait and hope that it gets better?

Please Help!