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I recently found out i am pregnant, i was having really bad pains and thought i was having a miscarriage. when i went to the ER the doctor told me i have ovarian cists and warned me i was a high risk obortion. I am now 3 mnths along but having worse pain than before. i was wondering as i get further along will anything happen to me or my baby?


My 20 year old daughter had a miscarriage last year. She fell pregnant again, and at 6 weeks she had pains in her stomach and arm and shoulder. The pains got bad and she went to local hosptial who called an ambulance to take her to main city hospital. In A/E she was asked to provide a urine sample and she came out of the toilets and passed out. The medical team were so quick. It was thought she had an eptopic pregnancy. She was rushed straight into surgery. It turned out that she had overian cists and these had burst a week before. Her womb was filled with internal bleeding. She lost 6 pints of blood, and if she had been one hour later according to doctors, they would not of been able to save her. Internally she was bleeding to death. They removed the cists and saved her overies, this happened last night. She has had two blood transfusions thus far and is pretty sick. As for the baby, the doctors think she has lost him/her. But they are not certain and she is having blood tests and then a scan when able. However the morphine she needed and the sugery which they could not do via key hole, they do not hold much hope. Overian cists are not to be taken lightly at all. Having one does not mean this will happen to you, but you need ot be aware of the risks and the signs to watch for, the cramps and the pain in the shoulder and arms. My princess did not know she had them and her's burst a week ago and she still did not know until it led to a life threatening emergency.