It has been known that certain vegetables become heavily acidic when stewed but new studies report that the acidity of these vegetables grew even when they were roasted in the oven.

Researchers found that oven-roasting ratatouille had the same acidity as some carbonated drinks and that if consumed in higher amounts mat lead to dental erosion.

Vegetables that became more acidic in the oven are eggplants, green capsicum and zucchini while red capsicum turned acidic when stewed. Onions and tomatoes did not change their quality with either of the cooking methods.

The study started with presumptions that people on a vegetarian diet may be at risk of dental erosion and the researchers have decided to question these presumptions.
Dental erosion occurs when acid comes in contact with teeth and destroys its tissue. Besides ruining the upper tooth layers by gnawing the thin layer of enamel that protects the teeth acids can also destroy the underlying dentin.