Hey peoples

I have been on and off the pill for the past 5 years - currently on it. I am a bit careless with it at times and sometimes forget a pill or two. Last weekend I forgot 2 pills, then took them when I remembered. Mid week I had a lot of egg-white discharge - it sounds exactly like the discharge you get when you ovulate from what iv read. There was a lot of it though - when i went to the toilet one day I wiped up a large blob of if (proabably at least a tablespoon worth). It was clear, stretchy and almost bouncy like jelly/egg whites. It only lasted two days. So my question is - could this discharge be anything else other than ovulation because your not meant to ovulate on the pill, correct? And if for some reason I did ovulate, what are the chances of me falling pregnant - I have continued to take my pill daily since noticing this discharge. I am in a long term relationship and have regular intercourse.


Any help would be much appreciated! ta!