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Ok so I stopped the pill a little bit before my withdrawal (period) which started on Oct/3... My hub and I made love on the 11 and 12 and then again on the 15th and 17th...I was checking my cervix and discharge to see if I would my surprise I think I did (I wasnt expecting to ovulate bc I just got off the pill) cervix was a bit soft and high, and the discharge was not almost clear and stretchy like egg white when I suspected ovulation...I had a feeling I was going to ovulate on the 14th when I started having mild pains and a change in the I had sex on the 15th and i had previously had sex on the 11th and 12...I believe I ovulated on the 16th...very high, soft, and open cervix, and very annoying pain...pain got a little better but lasted and got better the 2nd and 3rd day after, the 17(had sex on the 17th) and 18...Yesterday, the 19th I had a little pain and my cervix was dry, hard, and closed... So today I have no pain, my cervix is extremely hard, and very closed (which is unsual because I already had 2 children and it is slightly open most of the time but hey)..
Do you think I ovulated, did I have sex on the right days?
Do you think there is a posibility that I can be pregnant? I really want to be but I think I may not be bc of the way my cervix is today...
When should I expect a change? when can I check, test?
please ANY help is much appreciated...


Check out

it has incredible info on ovulating, and the symptoms and all that fun stuff.

good luck! we will be trying in one month. i can not WAIT!!!