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I have PCOS and my Gynie put me on Metformin 2 months ago. Since then I have had "regular" menses, the first half is 16 days, then the ovulation pain for a day, and exactly 16 days later I start my period. It's been like that for 2 months now.

My question is, I've seen the "egg white" discharge for a few days, but only when I had the ovulation pain did hubby and I have sex to try for the baby, but the discharge stopped before the "ovulation cramps" started. Does this minimize my chances for falling pregnant, or should I wait for next month.

We are so tired of having sex "on the clock" because we just been through a rigorous regimen of clomid and progesterone, with no ovulation, until the 2nd opinion gynie said I should try Glucophage.

My question: Was it too late to fall pregnant, if we had sex on the day of ovulation cramping (day 16)??


I have heard that you can get pregnant anywhere from a week before you ovulate to a week after....I am sorry if you are having troubles. Maybe try to relax a bit and make love when you want to..not when you feel like you have to...and maybe things will turn out better!!! I wish you all the best!