I was on the floor last monday with back pain when I went to the doctor. I have had a herniated disc for about 5 months, but aggravated it over the weekend by playing tennis. By Monday afternoon I was on the floor at work, and had to be taken to the doctor in the backseat of someone's car. For the next two days, I could barely walk, and the only way to alleviate the pain was to lay on my stomach.

On wednesday I had an epidural injection. I had already begun to feel a very little bit better (I could sit for 20 minutes at a time now), but after the epidural, I could actually walk normally. It may be important to note that during the epidural, the doctor hit my nerve causing my leg to kick up violently and it felt like electricity coursing down my leg (anyone had this???)

The pain I have now is PURELY nerve pain. I can feel pain throbbing up and down my nerve in my leg from my ankle to my butt. The problem is that I feel it even when laying down, so I feel like there is no way to control the pain now, although it is not as bad as before the injection.

Anyone have any thoughts?