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Back in April, I was injured with a needle during an IM injection in my butt in the ER. It caused numbness in both of my legs. I was also allergic to the medicine. After treated for the drug allergic with a steroid, the feeling came back to one of my legs, but not to the leg that I was given the IM injection. It slowly caused more and more severe pain in my leg. I saw a neurologist for an EMG, but was told that it was fine despite the pain and numbness. I was considering seeing a pain management doctor in May, about a month and a half after the incident, but my primary care doctor didn't see it as necessary. After a few more specialists, I did find a pain management doctor, but I ended up not being too happy with my treatment. I told him about the incident with the injection the first visit in June, but was given no real advice, and he wanted to find the cause of the back pain that the injection was given for in the first place. That's when I had a CT scan, that showed I had a slight buldging disc at L5. I guess the pain doctor got confused and believed that was causing the pain and numbness in my leg, and he then gave me a lumbar epidural later in June.

Now 2 months later, I am very confused, and still in pain, with no idea what to do. I've tried medication, physical therapy and a chiropractor for pain management, with no real relief, only temporary at best. I am worried about permanent nerve damage, and I'm only 22. No more injections for me! Well I ever feel better?