Hi I used to do horse back riding,and I'm considered active man until last year when i started suffering from pain on my right leg.


I did MRI that showed that i have herniated disc at L5-S1 position. I did an Endoscopic on march 2012, 6 month ago, hoping I will feel better. I rested for 3 months and had physical therapies session but nothing helped, I was still having pain on my right leg and even got worst, not a back pain at all. But until this stage I was able to handle to walk for 5-10 min Max


In August 2012 I did again 2 surgeries for my disc. First couple of weeks were hard but I was able to sit and still walk a bit. My situation got really worst, after a month of my surgery  because now I cannot sit, nor walk at all, I can only lay down on bed.


I'm having severe leg pain although I'm taking strong pain killers. I did an MRI, they told me that I have a fibrosis around the nerve root, I took Cortisone epidurals hoping it will help my pain, but it didn't. What shall I do? I can't understand what is happening to me, do I need another surgery?