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Dear Sir/Madam,

I feel pain just below my front left knee when I bend and seat longer time. A bit swollen compare to the right one, the cause is I fell down when I was playing football almost one year ago; I couldn’t I seat more than half an hour. What is the possible remedy?

Thank you in advance,

Tesfagabir Kahesay


Hi tesfagabern,

Have you been to the doctor?

Without knowing more of your injury, it is likely that you tore some ligaments. You may have also had a fracture. Most likely though is an injury to the cartilage (meniscus). Diagnostic imaging is most likely required to identify the cause.

Swelling is not normal. You need to see your doctor for an exam. If you can, I'd suggest you see an orthopedic surgeon. This is their area of expertise.

Please get it looked at soon. The injury can worsen over time.

Keep us posted, good luck.