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Hi there.


Is this alarming situation - when your dog is having a bleeding paw?

I know that injured paw can be dangerous but this is why I am asking you this.

Here is the story.


My brother and his dog came back from the park today. Like always his dog was running, playing and jumping for Frisbee. Everything was OK, but when they were near the home, he saw a bloody steps on the grass. His dog’s paw was bleeding.

He couldn’t find anything in his paw, and he thinks that it is not infected.

But still I want to know what to do if your dog is having a bleeding paw?


Hello. This is alarming! The bleeding paw is common in dogs and you should identify the main source of the blood at this critical area. Determine is this injury minor, serious or even worse. I am sure that he doesn’t know how the injury occurred, so tell him to examine his dog’s paw very closely. He has to be ready for everything – injury can include fracture and infections. Maybe there is some forge in body stuck in his dog’s paw. You told us that he was checking dog's paw, but maybe he didn’t see everything. If he is not an expert, his vet is!



Hey everyone. It seems to me that this is very common in dogs.

Your dog can hurt his paw everywhere if you let him outside.

There is no reason for you to panic, all you need to do is to react on time.


You should always take care of your dog’s paws. It is necessary.

First, when you notice some injury, you should clean the wound.

Determine if there is any glass, wood or something other in the wound.

After this, you need to stop the bleeding by pressuring the paw pad with the bandage.

Go to the vet and let him take care of your dog.



It is more likely that he had hurt his paw somewhere. That is probably it.

You can see very easily that your dog is having problems with paw if you see him licking it.

But, if you notice that your dog’s paw is bleeding, that is a bit more alarming.


Maybe it is nothing, but maybe it is a sign of some very big health issue.


I would wash it as much as I can and put some gauze pads on the wound. I would use something that can help deal with the possible infection because in this case you can never tell. Maybe he run at something that is rusty and this can cause problems.