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Hi all, I'm only 19 this year and I am unfortunately joining the lisfranc club. I was playing soccer (football) last year and I suffered an unfortunate lisfranc injury.

My doctor diagnosed it as a lisfranc injury after a week and I was told that ORIF was necessary. However, as I was in the middle of my A' Level examinations (a UK high school leaving examination), I decided to forego ORIF. I had an avulsion to my 2nd metatarsal bone. I underwent conservative treatment  (forced it on my doc) and was non-weight bearing for 2 weeks. There was no displacement

To be honest, 3 weeks after my lisfranc injury, I was able to walk just fine. It wasn't particularly painful. I was able to tip toe after a month (minimal weight) and I could sprint after 4-6 weeks. 

It's been nearly 1 and a half years since my lisfranc injury. However I just found out a few weeks back that while my fracture has healed, though the avulsion is still present. I'm experiencing a little more pain today than at the beginning. I was also told that my displacement has widened to 3mm.

Should I go for the surgery, and if so, which surgery should I request? Is ORIF back in the picture? Since the bone has healed? Or am I stuck with fusion?

Also, does anyone have experience with tightrope surgery? Logically it seems to be the best option for me but all my surgeons (sought 3 opinions) are pushing for fusion. Actually, 1 of the 3 said that no surgery is required if I don't have debilitating arthritis.


PS, these are the remarks from my latest CT scan:

Previously seen fracture at the plantar aspect of the base of the 2nd metatarsal has completely healed. Bony union is noted. No evidence of malunion is noted.

There is a small bone fragment noted between the 1st and 2nd metatarsal base, probably a small avulsion injury. No fracture line is seen.

Tarso-metatarsal joints are unremarkable. Alignment of the joints of the foot are preserved.

If indeed the ligaments haven't fully healed, should I operate? Or should I simply wait it out?