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Okay well, lately I've noticed a pain/burning sensation whenever I touch my penis or when I urinate, this is occuring on the head of my penis. The foreskin around the tip has become a bit tigher and harder to pull back then normal. Also there is some smegma underneath. I try to clean my penis as much as I can but it's difficult now. The other day I was flaccid so I decided to take a shower and clean my penis. I pulled back the foreskin exposing the head of my penis and there were small cuts on the underside of my foreskin. They were very sensitive when touched. I am worried that it may become worse and need more serious attention, could someone please explain what this is called and how to cure.

sorry if this has been posted, I'm new to the site.


avoid acidic food it kills in full infection and after it seems and spicy is no good either