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Hi everyone. I'm 16 years old (almost 17). Last night I noticed an itchy feeling under my skin of my penis. I pulled my foreskin right back as far as it would go as that's where I found smegma. I tryed to get it off with wet toilet paper and water. I had no luck and I found it awfully sensitive to touch, the smegma was hard and crusty (and for some additional information I was doing this when my penis was not erected, just normal). I thought that I will try it again later and I pulled my skin back up, like it normally is. But to my shock I looked at my penis to see that it was a bit smaller than usual and my raphe line (if that's what the long scar underneath the penis is called) was thicker and bulging out all the way along the line a bit, also there was more skin left at the end of my penis than normal and my pen is felt tighter than usual. I panicked and went to bed shaken up desperately looking for some answers on the internet. About 10 minutes later and with no luck on the internet for answers I looked at my penis and with my great relief I found that my penis was 100% back to normal. However I still have got to deal with my Smegma problem but don't want what happened last time to happen again this time. I don't stretch my foreskin. Should I do this? How should I clean the smegma? How do I pull my foreskin back properly? Should my foreskin be pulled back to clean the smegma be done with an erect penis next time?

Thank you very much in advance for your time to read this and answer my question as it would be very much appreciated. Hopefully this will help others as well.

Thanks a lot.


Hi KFD1,

Yes, you should be stretching your foreskin and you will find the glans to be very sensitive, it's normal.  It's been covered most of your life and the nerves aren't used to being touched.

You can use your fingers to spread the foreskin open, gently.  You don't have to hurt yourself but there may be some discomfort.  You can also get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin so that the glans spreads the opening.  Don't force it back, it can get stuck. Just pull as hard as you are comfortable.  The more you do this the faster the results.

Toilet paper is not a good choice.  It will stick to wet things.  The easiest way is, in the shower, allow your foreskin to get water into it and, if you can, use your finger to gently clean the smegma.  The water will help soften it.  Even if you can't get your finger in, once the water is in move the foreskin around a bit.  Rinse well.

It's normal for your foreskin to not retract up until about 16 or so. 

Hope it helps.



Hi, thanks you very much. This will help a lot. It has taken a lot of worries away so thanks.