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Hello, my gf and I had some "fun" yesterday but no penetration happened. Since I also have phimosis and a sensitive penis gland, I could not touch her clitoris because, well its painful, so i was rubbing my shaft. So we were both just rubbing when i started to feel good, so i backed off and waited until it calms down then rubbed for 2 more seconds then backed off a good 50 cm, pointed towards the bed and started ejaculating sometime after. She is most worried about the pre-cum (pre-ejaculate) that might have touched her, but in my experience, i dont produce much, all i see is a a tiny amount of liquid that sticks to the head, but since i never touched the head with her vagina, i'm almost certain there was no direct contact. How likely it is, if anything, that if precum touched her clitoris, pregnancy would happen?


Hi there

Your girlfriend can always use PlanB to avoid possible pregnancy - assuming she was in her fertile region of her cycle. As for you, phimosis is as a result of bacterial infection. I am listing few details below -

  • Smegma is a collection of skin cells from the glans penis and inner foreskin that is often noted with retraction of the foreskin. This natural skin shedding helps to separate the foreskin from the head of the penis. Smegma may appear as white pearls underneath the skin, which can easily be washed off once the foreskin is retracted.

    How is phimosis diagnosed and evaluated?

    In physiologic phimosis, benign (non-life threatening) conditions may occur that are common in uncircumcised males, including; cysts related to smegma production/trapping and transient painless ballooning of the foreskin during urination. These are considered normal variations that usually resolve with daily gentle manual retraction. 

    Clean up the area, avoid sex for time being. You will be transferring infection to your girlfriend.

    Please visit a healthcareprovider who can prescribe medication in case of serious infection.