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Hi. for the past three weeks, i have been having a horrible pain on my right side. sometimes it is on my stomach but its mostly on my right side. Sometimes it will burn. I do not know what I did to myself. I cannot sleep. I have diarrhea. My breasts are sore and tender but i am not pregnant. I brought pregnancy tests and I got confirmed i wasn;t pregnant by a health center and the emergency room at the hospital. I had a pelvic exam too that the doctor said was good so I am not pregnant. And i got my period March 22- March 27. I did have sex March 10th.


I'm scared. I wake up with pain, I go to bed with pain. I do not understand. I have diarrhea, and sometimes this pain feels like its burning. I do not know what to do, help? :(



since you already went to the ER it's strange they didn't check if maybe your appendix is causing this (unless you had it removed before this started). The symptoms you describe completely fit to the ones of inflamed appendix, so I think you'll need to get to the ER again. If nothing else, if you're having diarrhea all this time, you're most likely too dehydrated and down on electrolytes that you'll need an IV.

Another potential cause for this kind of pain are ovarian cysts - they can be pretty hard to detect because even ultrasound can miss them, so if this continues, I really don't see any other option than for you to get back to the doctor's,

Wish you all the best,