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I had my appendix removed laparascopically 3 weeks ago and was in some discomfort afterwards as I would have expected. However 3 weeks later I seem to be getting similar pains in the same area as I did when I still had my appendix. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? It seems particularly worse when I lay down.  Help?


Hello Angel,

I had my appendix removed laparoscopically too - even though it wasn't infected. Were you in pain before you had appendix removed? Also, did you have a checkup visit after the surgery? If you haven't, I think you should have one now. Even contacting your physician over the phone might help.

Since the area where appendix is located can also hurt for other reasons like ovaries in females. But it's far more likely that you might have developed hernia - especially if you moved and did physically activities soon after the procedure. Either way, you should call the doctor's office and hear what they have to say,

Wish you all the best,