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Hello,I am a 20 y.o female.It all started early last year when i was getting my fitness back on track, what first felt like a stitch turned into a contant pain!Went for an u/s which showed i had Gall stones. This led to my gall bladder being removed. The pain was still there afterwards which led to a gastroscopy.. which showed gastritis (who does not have this...).After this showed nothing, i was sick of the tests showing nothing, so i decided to 'live with it'.2 months ago now, i was feeling Lower right sided abdominal pain, it is still present. It variates from a sharp pain, to a stinging pain ( as if i put alcohol on an open wound). I have loss of appeitie (which has lossed me a good 8-10kg), nausea and what i call constipated runs.This led me to go to gp, which issued an u/s for query appendcitis. This showed a dodgy appendix, which led to a CT which confirmed that i had an inflammed appendix. Going to the ER, i was admitted to the ward, with doctors saying it is not my appendix. (Though, my inflamatory markers were high). I then was d/c.more tests were done as the surgeon was querying IBD... conlonoscopy and a gastroscopy was done, last week with nothing found ( as usual!)

I was wondering if anyone has had anything like this and what was their cause. I have had all food allergy testing etc.I have just finished my nursing degree and start work next month, and cannot afford to be sick any longer. So any help would be greatly appecitated.



lower right abdomen and sharp pain in that area are the two most common signs for an inflamed appendix and I'm not really sure why they didn't remove it - overall it has no specific purpose and removing it doesn't make any difference. However, if it gets inflamed there is a far bigger chance it will rupture, causing internal bleeding. So I'd recommend you to tell your doctor you need to make sure what was going on and still is. Even if your appendix is not inflamed, like you said yourself - there still was something that was causing the inflammation. Also, have you seen your ob-gyn? Besides, appendix, problems with ovaries such as ovarian cysts are common cause for lower abdominal pain in women. It's important you rule this option as wee, because in some cases ovarian cysts can rupture and cause internal bleeding as well, 

Wish you all the best,