My husband has been having moderate abdominal pain since Sunday night after a BM. He went to the ER where they did a CT scan and bloodwork (WBC, RBC, electrolytes, etc), in which everything was normal. He was discharged home. He was taking prednisone 10mg TID since that Saturday am (now d/c), so the hospital thought maybe the pain was due to the steroids. However, now being Thursday, he's still in pain. He said the pain was a 10 on Monday, and is now a 6. He has not had diarrhea, nausea or vomiting at all, and no fever.
He says the pain gets more intense after eating. He also used to have abdominal pain after eating for over a year, and he said the pain is the same as that pain, however, it's constant now, and in the past, it would come and then go away. He said it moves around his abdomen, to the center, left, and right, but predominates on the right side.
All of the 'traditional' GI issues have been ruled out with the CT scan (appendicitis, pancreatitis, gallstones, obstructions, etc even kidney infections and stones as UA was clear). I wonder if anyone out there knows what else this might be. He is currently on Bentyl and Nexium from the PCP, and has a GI appointment today. I'm just very concerned that the GI doc will not find anything since the 'traditional' GI issues were ruled out. Any help is appreciated