My husband had a right side ache so severe for about 2 weeks then got better, about 3 weeks later my right side began to severly ache, then severe throwing up with severe diarrhea. Went to Easley ER 4/30/08, x-ray, CT, given Vicodin ES, diagnosed with Flank Pain, sent home. 5/01/08 back to ER with increased fever, repeating vomiting & diarrhea, pain spread even futher up and down groin/abdomen and right leg. I couldn't even feel the skin on my top right leg and right groin area/ totally numb into pelvic down deep. Admitted, had MRI, CT's, colonoscopy, cervical, given intavenous antibiotics and Dilaudid, also Zofran, Lomotil, pregablin. gavapentin, Acyclovir, esomeprazole. Severe pain continued along with throwing up and diarrhea, my lip swelled up very big, they took me off the shingles med's. Sent home on 5/10/08. Still so very sick, with my side, from pain range of 1-10, my pain was a 20, went to another hospital, GMH on 5/13/08, given IV pain, CT, said CT looked fine, sent home with Dilaudid and Valium. 5/14/08 back to Easley ER, admitted again, I was also diagnosed with Streptococcus agalactiae. Had more CT's and blood with intravenous med's, 5/16/8 had appendectomy and exploratory surgery, cysts on uterus and ovaries only(normal), sent home 5/19/8. I still can't feel my right groin area, leg finally better, right lower back side still aches with pain in side.

My pregnant daughter, had severe right side pain, went to ER, thought it was kidney stones sent home.
80 yr. old about 10 miles from my house had internal shingles. Also a couple's son, I was giving private home care to had such severe right side pain also.
A woman with the same symptons as myself in the same hospital in Easley, had gallbladder taken out and was back in the hospital for the same pain she came in with again, I also was scheduled for gallblader surgery, and Dr. changed his mind.
Another woman in Greer had same pains and given shingles med's for the problem.
My daughters husbands uncle now suffering with the same right side pain.
What do you think this is? Internal shingles?