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Well this past June I went in the the ER because I thought I had a severe kidney infection, turns out I was pregnant. I went through all sorts of tests and turns out I had a baby in the uterus and was about 6 weeks along. Then about a week later I went back for an ultrasound, and they couldn't find the baby, turns out I had a miscarriage, but my hcg levels were still rising. My dr. was so confused, and said he wanted to do surgery to figure out what was going on. So two days later I went into surgery and turns out I had a baby in the uterus and a baby in my left tube (only about a 1 in 700,000 chance), so they had to do a D&E and remove my left tube. It was such a terrible time for me.

Now fast forward to now, and last week I took a home prgnancy test, and it came back positive. I am so excited! But of couse I am worrying if everything is ok, two days ago I was experiencing a slight pain in my right side, and in my lower back, what do you think it is? I havent had any spotting or anything like that. I would love to get some responses.


Hi honey! Of course you are going to be freaked out by any pain or twinge - you went through a lot - BUT the facts are that you only need 1 tube and a part of an ovary to get pregnant! So since the tests are positive this means you are Gestationaly about 5 or 6 weeks along and Fetal Age would be about 2 or 3 weeks - which still means VERY small! So your entire uterus area will start growing and expanding and moving! And MANY of us experience those twinges from the side that was fertilized! I knew which side before the technologist told me from my ultrasound! And this is what you will be experiencing too!

Just keep any eye on the pain and IF it becomes unbearable and IF you start bleeding I want you to go to the hospital immediately! But i am SURE you are fine! Try and take it easy about NOT over reacting with each little twinge or pain - which I TOTALLY understand why you would be nervous! Take prenatal vitamins and stop smoking, drinking, and get enough water, eat small and often, get enough sleep! And OH By The Way CONGRATULATIONS!!!! XD

Let me know how you are making out OK? good luck honey!