My husband had a pneumothorax 14 months ago. His lung was 90 percent collapsed when we got to the hospital, they then inserted a large chest tube to inflate it again. They told us it was blebs that made his lung collapse. It wouldnt heal itself so the had to remove part of his lung the top half of it and also removed some of the worse of the blebs. It has been 14 months and he still has his moments where he gets kind of scared that it may be happening again but i can normally get him calmed back down or we end up going to the ER to get xrays to be sure he is ok. A doctor has told him that he has PTSD due to what had happened to him and that with what has happened to him it is normal. However we are very concerned with the fact that he still has severe pain mostly in his collar bone area, but sometimes in his chest area or like around the bottom of his lung. He has tried taking ib prophen and it makes it much worse especially when the pain is around the bottom area of his lung. He has also tried taking tylenol, advil, aleeve, and aspirin none of which worked. Does anyone have any ideas as to what may help him? And also does anyone have any ideas and to what this unexplained pain is or could be caused from? PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!