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For the past few months, I've had this painful spot at the very top of my butt crack/end of spine. It's not my anus. It kind of looks like an indentation, such as an anus, but there's no hole. It's just a crater-like thing at the top of my butt crack.

It's red and inflamed pretty much all the time. When I sit down, it's painful. I've done some research about pilonidal cysts but I don't think this is that. There's no opening, and it's not protruding outwards; it's protruding inwards. It's not like a pimple, and it doesn't "leak" pus or blood like pilonidal cysts.

It's just this rather large "crater" indentation at the top of my butt crack. Kind of like a dimple, but it's not back dimples, it's a butt crack dimple. The pain is really starting to worry me, as well as the redness and itchiness. I'm just hoping someone else out there knows what this is and can help, or tell me if I need to contact my doctor about it.



I have same thing, but apparently it is something everyone has...just mote noticeable on other people. I am unsure about pain because i had mine bleed before...