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I am experiencing painful, cloudy, foul smelling urination and spotting between periods but no vaginal discharge. I had sex with someone other than my partner about 2 months ago. The person that I had sex with has no symptoms, but my partner now says he had some discharge when he urinated and I know he wasn't with anyone else. Is it possible to pass on a urinary tract infection, or could I have gotten an STD from the person I was with and passed it on to my partner?


yes it is possible to pass on a UTI.not sure how likely, but yes it is possible. they suggest you urinate before and after intercourse to help prevent your partner from getting it

you should go to the doctor to get a urine test, if it's not that, get checked for stds. maybe the guy you had sex with that wasnt your partner had an std he didn't tell you about.

not positive but just a thought