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Prior Warning:Sorry if this post sounds like it was written by a scatter brain. This has just been stressing me out so much, :-(

Hi, I've just recently turned 18 years old and have discovered I have Plantar Warts. The pain is becoming unbearable in some instances, but oddly enough, subsides after some good sleep...the only problem is TRYING to get that sleep. Advil does wonders for it...but there's something else.

After hearing about hammer toe, I'm starting to realise that my second toe higher then my big toe. I always knew there was something odd about it, but paid no mind to this. I'm a boy, so wearing high heels is out of the question, so I'm sure that had no part in it. I have been, for the better part of my life, over weight, however, I am at 280 lbs, with muscle and while I do still have a belly, it's mostly gone. I also have arthritus in all of my joints.

So, you imagine my distress when I looked more into Hammer toe. On both of my feet, my toes (2,3,4) are unusually bent. I don't remember ever being forced to wear uncomfortable shoes because...well, let's be frank, I HATE pain and am a big coward when it comes to that stuff.

However, ever since the warts developed, I've been feeling pain in my toes now. Also, there is a little swelling in the entirety of my foot.

So, my question is this. If there is pain in my toes, will I have to undergo surgery? My right foot hurts most, with one of my toes feeling as if they are going to break. This has NEVER happened before and I have no idea as to why it's occuring now. I'm sorry if there are already answers around this board, but this has been stressing me out for quite a bit because I start college this fall and while yes, this is a rather superficial reason...this is my High school graduate summer! I was intending on going out and clubbing the night away in downtown Orlando and visiting family in Miami and the like...

I'm going to go see a doctor in about a week, but everyone seems to have gotten good answers from here and I was hoping I could do the same.

Thank you in advance!
~Philip Calderon II


I understand that you are probably really stressed about this so I want to post you to just relax until you meet with your doctor before you get stressed. It is not a good idea to read on health problems just yet. Talk to your doctor first and find out what he says because he's the trained professional. Can you please just promise me that you'll wait until you talk to your doctor? Also please let me know what it turns out your diagnosis is. We can take it from there!