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had hammer toe (toe next to big toe on both feet ) and had pins removed today which wasnt 2 painful.last Saturday which was 3 days before removal of pins i knocked my toe very hard causing it to bleed and swell.I went to hospital and had toe x rayed which showed the pin had moved  and my toe is bent again like it was before the surgery.Has this happened to anyone else?x


I haven't shared in your experience with hammer toes but I just got a major bunion surgery repair on March 8 and I have been in lots of pain since.  I had a midfoot fusion that started at the tarsometatarsal (midfoot), bunionectomy, and ligament/tendon release for hypermobility of the big toe.  When you had your pins removed was there any problem removing the one from the toe you had bumped?  Did the doctor mention anything about needing it redone?  For your sake I hope not.  How long are you out with this type of surgery?  I will find out exactly how long I am non-weight bearing - I have heard 3 weeks (at the surgery) and 6 weeks at my appointment with surgeon, so I am not exactly sure anymore. 

Good luck!