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I had bunion surgery on my right foot more than 2 months ago. Besides the swelling and the moderate pain, I'm concerned about my toes. When looking down at them, instead of pointing north they are mostly pointing east. Will they eventually start pointing forward or are they stuck like this? What can I be doing to help them look more normal? :-(


I too had bunion surgery 9 weeks ago plus two hammer toes. I have had pins removed and started weight bearing last week still using crutches. I have only worn open sandals with velcro fastening so my feet are not touching anything but I am concerned because my big toe still curves to the west (my left foot) and the two hammer toes although straight are now looking to me as if they are drifting back to the west.

Also my little toe and 4th toe are preventing the middle toe from lying flat so I am not very happy.

Due to see surgeon tomorrow for check up so will pluck up the courage to ask him about it.

Sorry I cannot advise you what to do, just sympathise.