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I was born with the lower half of my right pectorial muscle and my chest cavity sunken in on that side and bottom ribs on both sides jutting out slightly. I have never had any health issues with this but am curious to know what caused this. I am now 31 and have been told that my grandfather on my mothers side had the same condition albeit not as bad as mine. What caused this and do you think I may face medical problems as I get older?


Are you experiencing any negative effects now?

Some of the individuals may suffer from shortness of breath, chest pain, chostochondrial pain, asthmatic problems and symptoms, etc

Shortness of breath may occur due to lung compression, chest pain due to non-expanding rib cage, some people become exercise intolerant, and experience arrhythmias, while others become more susceptible to inflammatory illnesses like pneumonia.

The exact cause of the “sunken chest” is not known. It is a congenital chest wall disorder where ribs and the sternum grow abnormally and produce concave or caved-in look of the chest. Although familial occurrence has been reported in over 35% of cases, identifiable genetic markers have not been found.

Have you had any specific problems with the chest deformity when you were a teenager? What about the coping part?

Have you ever participated in any posture improvement programs or had physiotherapy or other forms of treatment. Are you thinking about the surgery?


FACT: the person above has no idea what he's talking about

FACT: it is treatable by surgery

FACT: i also have said condition

FACT: it is caused by an abnormal amount of cartilage between ribs for some reason