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I am 27, single, non-smoker, and non-drinker.

I have been having aches & pains in my right lung for about the period of two months.

It all started one night while I was getting to sleep, I was lying down on my right side having a newspaper in my hand working with some crossword.
Suddenly I felt a pain in my right lung that grows sharper when breathing. I changed my position and the pain seemed to disappear. But at that night and during the following three or four nights i couldn't sleep well because I woke up due to a slight shortness of breath.

I have had this shortness of breath for many years but very rarely especially when I have a flu or during hot summer days, and when am worried.

Now, after two months have passed, I can still feel an ache that comes and go many times a day, it's not sharp, and I have no weight loss, no cough, nor do I feel any tiredness nor have nausea.

The ache is just there, sometimes it seems like coming from the lung, sometimes from the chest wall. I can sometimes feel tenderness in several areas in the chest, like where the ribs are attached to sternum,  or in the tip of the rib right under the sternum, which is not connected to it, and also in between ribs around the nipple  I can feel that.

I have not gone to any doctor yet.
I would like to know anything about my situation if you could help.
and if I need to see a doc, which specialty my situation goes under?


Did u ever find out im the same age with the same issue