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Why do I have a hole in my chest it really bothers me it's really noticible one one time I was in the bathtub after a hard hockey game and when I'm done I like to let the water run out of the tub while still being in it an when all the water was gone the hole in my chest collected some water and that really got me to the point where I don't want to take my shirt off in. Public and I'm going away to a hotel tmmrw and there's a pool but I'm to scared to take my shirt off everyone might laugh and make fun of it What should I do? what is it ? (By hole I mean a indent instead of a flat chest like a normal kid)


Hi Dulude

It sounds like you could have something called Pectus excavatum is a chest wall deformity in which the wall between the breasts sinks inward due to abnormal growth of the ribs and breastbone (sternum).This is sometimes called "sunken chest." It is present at birth and develops because of abnormal cartilage and bone growth in the chest wall when the fetus develops. Boys are affected three times more often than girls are. It's the most common chest wall deformity, affecting about 1 in 400 newborns.

Have you seen your doctor over this?

Going away and taking your shirt off and showing something that you are self-conscious of is going to be concerning. There is a chance that no one really notices it and you just have fun and go about your business.

Not many people have the perfect body so if someone says something just say what it might be and that you are going to the doctor to get is checked out.

You could try a towel around your neck and use it to cover it and remove it just as you get in the water and when you get out dry off quick and put your shirt on.

It would be a good idea to talk to your mom and dad about and see your doctor if you have not already done so.