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Hello everyone,

I am new to the board. I am a 28 yr old single mother of 2. I have been on the pill for about 6 months with no problem. Periods are regular and no real side effects to speak of.

Just a little background, boyfriend and I have unprotected sex every weekend. Have been doing so for about 14 months. Up until 6 months ago we never used birth control and never even had a pregnancy scare. So I assumed that it was the PCOS and the scarring that kept me from getting pregnant. I would think that after this long it is probably highly unlikely that I am pregnant but not impossible. My youngest child is 7 ;-)

The problem is that I have been randomly vomiting what appears to be stomach acid once every day. No real nausua, just feel crappy for a few hours and feel fine once I vomit. Never had a problem with heartburn or acid refulx before. Earlier in the month I missed a pill and caught it the next day. So it is a possibility I could get pregnant.

I was diagnosed about a year ago with PCOS. I was also told that with all the scarring and the cysts that are on my ovaries it would be very hard for me to concieve without ferlity drugs.

I am sorry this is so long. I tend to ramble when I am nervous ;-) If there is anyone out there that maybe has any knowledge in this sort of thing or has ever been though it? I could use some advice. I am hoping to not bug my doctor until I have to. My period is due today and so far nothing but I will not test until it has been at least 5 days late.

Thanks in advance!


Hi my name is Andrea and I am 22 and just found out I am pregnant when I was 11 weeks. I wasn't on birth control like they wanted me to i didn't take hormone pills like they wanted me to if anything I went against everything. I just dieted and lost a lot of weight. By dieting it brought my periods more regular and not as painful and it looks like it made me fertile. I believe I am blessed to have gotten this chance and in good health at now almost 16 weeks. Good luck to all women who are trying to have a baby.

andrea :-D