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Hello All ~Waves~

I am 30 years old and have been TTC for 4 years. I was diagnosed with PCOS [Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome] when I was 16. I do understand that this does make things difficult when trying to fall pregnant, but I also know that it isn't impossible... [Sister has pcos and 2 Little ones].

My last period was on 2nd of May. So I'm almost a month late for my period. I haven't have irregular periods since I had an operation 2 years ago. I have been late by a week or early a few days, but never this long. I have had 3 HPTS and they have all been negative and I had a blood test that came out negative [This was a quantity test].

I have read posts where people have gotten blood test that are negative when they were really pregnant.
Is this possible, or is it simply something that some write to make others feel better??

I haven't really had many symptoms.. I've had nausea, heartburn.. back aches.. shoulder and neck tense.. sleeping more.. [ from 6 hours a night to.. 9=11 hours a night] and I am eating a little more than usual.

Could someone please help me on this.. because this not knowing is killing me.. I have an ultrasound in a week, but I still need to know that there is hope out there for me.. even if I am PCOS..

My period is due again in 3 days.. if I miss this, then there is seriously something going on.. =/

Baby Dust to all those who wanna be Mummies. =]

ADDED: I have also read that having PCOS can throw your hormones out of whack and this can set off a neg test even if one is pregnant.. is this true??


Hey, I was wondering what happened with your ultrasound appointment? I am kind of going through the same situation you went through.



I know this post is older and hasn't been updated, but I'm going to answer anyway because it came up when I googled this situation. I also keep reading that women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can get a negative test even when they are pregnant. My sister has PCOS; she was told she couldn't conceive but then had three healthy kids. With one of them her HCG blood test came back negative. And her at-home urine tests were always false with all 3 kids. On the ones where the instructions say to throw the test out after ten minutes, she'd wait twenty minutes and squint in the light and there'd sort of be a faint positive. My friend also has PCOS and she got negatives until she miscarried at a month and a half. Now I'm having every last pregnancy symptom (if I am it's at 4 weeks) including really fierce nipple changes, going up a cup size & feeling mammory glands change in there, missed period for first time in a year since starting natural USP progesterone cream, dizziness, headaches, sleeping all day, slight cramping in the first weeks, increased smells making me gag, constipation which is so unusual for me, etc etc! My HCG beta blood test said my level was at negative 1 (that was in week three) and of course the urine qualitative test was negative as well (since it's less sensitive than the blood test.) The doctor agreed I may be having false results, but then changed her mind two minutes later for no reason. She's very flaky and has given me inaccurate info about PCOS before, so I'm hard-pressed to believe her now. She thought a large cyst could be causing these symptoms. I understand why a cyst would cause the frequent urination and bloating I'm having, but not the nipple changes and crying at Harry Potter movies lol. Just to be sure, I had both abdominal and transvaginal ultrasounds. Both came up normal, with only my usual tiny cysts detected and no scary large ones. It would be too early for a baby to show on ultrasound. Well the doctor wanted to give me progesterone shots because 'my cycle may be stalled' but that sounds like a gamble to me. I know what my body's telling me so I'm going to keep an open mind and A) get a mammogram because of all these changes and lumps I'm having, and then B) try to convince a different doctor to give me a later ultrasound looking for a baby, if these symptoms persist. Wish me luck and back at you!:)