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Hello can any1 give me some advice please? I am 31 yrs old i started my period when i was 11 and have always had "regular periods"!! ALWAYS I have 1 child who is 13 yrs old,me and my partner are currently trying for a baby for the past 7 months! I was recently diagnosed about 1 month ago with PCOS BUT yet have had regular periods! I have been using ovulation tests to keep track of things,I ovulated on the 29th dec 2012 just as calculated it lasted 3 days,i was due to get my period on the 12th jan 2013 BUT it is now 25 jan!! 2 weeks late!!! I have took several home pregnancy tests but all have come out negative? i have used clear blue and the strips! I went to the doctors today asking for a blood test to be taken but i was told by the nurse she couldnt give me 1 as they dont give them anymore???!!! strange!..... Can i be pregnant??  I dont no what to do/think? I have been feeling a little sick some days but havent been sick! and have had quite abit of very bad heartburn waking me at 5am :( also my breasts have felt a little tender BUT i dont know if maybe i am imaging it? as i really want to be pregnant? :( Should i hold out and wait a few weeks to see if anything happens period wise? I just really want to know :( Its just very unusual for me to be so late!!?? regardless of pcos like i say i have ALWAYS been regular so im confused!! :( please any advise welcome


PS i have been having cramps and like a twinge pain in my belly but still no sign of my period