Okay so I've been experiencing pregnancy symptoms for about 3 months now I dont know if its My pcos or could I be pregnant and not know.. I have PCOS ( Polycycst ovary syndrome ) so its hard to tell if im pregnant especially with me having irregular periods.. lately I've been experiencing Bloating some clearish dishcharg but know blood sometimes I have slight cramps nausea mood swings lower back pains for the past week i've even felt like little bubbles popping in my lower stomach... my stomach makes this Loud growling noise even when im not hungry in my sleep my stomach hurt so bad until I get up and eat then it goes away it felt like I have pop corn popping in my uterus right under my belly button ive took 3 pregnancy test so far they come back negative I know some ppl say pcos can be the reason the test come back negative because of the high male hormones I have.... Do any one think im pregnant or could it be my pcos the cycst I have . Im confused any advice ????