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I am 20 years old i will be 21 in a month. I have Polycystic ovaries (lots of cysts to be exact). I was given metformin and it made me sick, i went to a new gynecoligist and he told me not to take it. I started birth control in august of 06. It keeps me from bleeding because without it i bleed almost constantley. But my aunt is concerned about the risk of breast cancer especially because my mother died from it. I don't think i can have kids although i'm not for sure. But being that i am parentless now it is important that I have kids one day. So I want to have surgery or whatever it takes asap, is that possible? The weight gain and the mood changes is too much. Any one got any advice?


I was recently diagnosed with PCOS due to lack of menstruation for about 6 months and the ratio of my FSH and LH hormones in blood work. I am 25 years old. I have been on the pill before to help with regulating my periods which were probably always precursors to the syndrome. My insulin is ok, although a blood test last summer showed elevated levels, and I have not been put on metformin until further notice. I am about to be back on birth control. I realized that I have noticed in the last couple years since I have been off of birth control, an increasing amount of lack of energy, depression/moodiness, and weight gain. I wonder if birth control had actually helped me with these issues and wonder how you are doing now that you are on birth control.

I've done some research and found somewhere that PCOS generally begins at the start of menstruation/puberty but may not actually completely be onset until years later, and that depression/moodiness generally starts at the onset of menstruation and gets worse. Have you noticed that? I've always had problems with fatigue and low moods but have just done everything I could to live a healthy life. I realize now this could all be related and am curious what you have noticed.

I will admit I have been surprised a couple times that I did not get pregnant but have not actually tried to. I think that if theres different hormone levels and symptoms in individuals with this syndrome (me - no menstruation, you - heavy menstruation) it might be harder for some to get pregnant than others. I will say that being that my FSH and LH levels being what is effected, generally meaning no ovulation I don't think I will be. We will just have to try fertility drugs first, and surgery is generally a last resort. I hope some of this helps, please respond to any part of it, and I wish you the best hun.