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I visited ob because had very irregular menstrual cycles. I had blood test to evaluate hormones levels. I was diagnosed with high androgens and policystic ovaries. I am 19 and am not well informed about these things. I believe that this condition is not that dangerous. Can it be completely cured?


There is actually no cure for polycystic ovaries, but this condition is treated in several different ways. Birth control pills are prescribed to reduce male hormone levels and regulate cycle. It is very important to keep healthy weight because that helps managing PCOS. Sometimes surgery is needed and is often done with laparoscopy that needs very small incisions and is precise and minimally invasive technique.


Cloepatra is right, there is no cure. Doctors prescribe birth controll pills,

but what most dr's ignore the fact that birth control pills only mask the

symptoms and dont target the actual cause. you need a combination

of both the pills and atleast metformin that will deal with the insulin

resistance matter and pls do not stop execising it can be the best life

saviour for you. dont be fooled hunn we are going to leave with this for a

life time. you are young and i bet you want to have kids someday.

just know that it is possible, but not easy.