months back I was told that I had protein in my urine, then a month ago it started with pain on the left side at the bottom of the ribs, right above waist. It was pretty bad, I went to Dr. they did ct scan w & w/o contrast-no stones, kidneys normal, also did blood workup lymph was 4.32 and co2 was 31 everything else normal. no blood in urine. 2 days later back at Dr in severe pain again. During this time my urine would be tea colored (orange) one time and light yellow the next. I recently fiqured out, that it depends on how long I hold it, what color it will be. So they did a urine test-blood in urine, told if kidney stone will have to pass. They gave me 2 different kinds of antibiotics and a few days later I felt a spasm on left side, there was also alot of stuff floating in the urine, had a little pain on left close to area where ovary would be, (I have no ovaries) then all the pain quit, The urine stayed orange in color for about a week, then yellow. Then yesterday it started with pain all across the low back, thought maybe back was giving me trouble, but then pain started in front same area as back just in front, close to where ovaries would be and on both sides more on the right. Urine is orange. Went to Dr. they did urine test-no blood in urine, no infection, but mucus in urine. was referred to urologist. Appt end of sept. They also advised that I go to my GYN who I haven't seen in 5 years. Oh yeah, I'm a female that turned 50 in Feb and fell apart XD If you have any idea what this could be, I would love to know. I guess I really want to know if my kidneys are failing? Is all this waiting damaging my kidneys? Should I just drink lemonade, cranberry juice and water and hope for the best. Should I be watching for anything? Thank you