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i Have been having foul smelling discharge for about a year now. My doctor told me months ago that it was due to my eating habits. she said i was eating too much sugar and it is most likely a candida problem. I had a culture done and everything was fine. Now i have been experiencing tissue in my urine. It is white and stringy and it is definitely coming from my urine. I also have problems with constipation. I have to use laxitives or I won't be able to go! I wonder what this could be. I still have the foul smelling discharge. Could my doctor be missing something?
Please help!
Kellie L.


Hi there,

Having complications in your urine might be caused by your diet so your doctor wasn’t mistaking when he told you that this issue of yours could be caused by eating habits. The white parts in your urine can be just fat cells. Have you had any problems with weight in past several months? Do you exercise during a day? I don’t think that this is anything serious and if you just control or change your diet you will see that his won’t happen. Your constipation problem might be also be caused by problems in your diet. You should really change your eating habits as soon as possible and eat more healthier food. I hope this helped a bit.