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I had intercourse about 6 months ago almost now. I noticed the day after intercourse i had a pain around the part of the penis that would be circumsized if i had that done like right underneath the penis head. I got checked out for all STDs which came back negative. I then thought it was a yeast infection and tried using anti-fungal cream which came back with no provail. I returned to my doctor and she suggested an anti-inflammatory, anti fungal, anti bacterial and steriod cream. It seemed to take away the pain while i was on it, but after going off cream the pain slightly returned. I then went and saw another doctor he recommend i take antibiotics in the bacterial form. After about 3 days of taking the pills I woke up the next morning to find my penis in so much pain and not only that but my skin peeling. I don't know if it was the medication or not but I'm losing hope and pscyologically I'm losing my mind I just want to go back to living a normal life. If there is anyone who has been through this process and has made it through it successful please please!!!! inform me of the cure to this problem it would be greatly appreciated.


Ive had the same prob for four months and its so bad I cant have intercourse with my wife. Im sick of being sick down there. All these forums provide is half hearted advice to leave it alone and keep it clean. I never masturbate so its not from being too rough. Its way more serious than that. I know its not an STD as my wife and I are faithful to each other and no other partners for 10 years. We both treated ourself with Monistat for a week even though she had no symptoms. No change for me. Help! It itches but I cant scratch it because the skin has become so tissue-like it breaks open if I try to scratch. Even a morning erection will cause it to break open and bleed...very painful. Feel like a burn victim. Skin also flakes like a sunburn. It looks awful.